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Pot Roast (Instant Pot)

Mix together:

   - 1 tsp salt

   - 1 tsp onion powder

   - 1 tsp garlic powder

   - 1/2 tsp pepper

   - 1/2 tsp paprika

Set instant pot to "sauté" and heat:

   - 1-2 Tbs oil

Rub seasoning mixture all over:

   - 3 lb beef roast

Brown roast on each side (3-4 minutes per side).

Cancel "sauté" function and select "pressure cook" for 60 minutes.

Add to pot:

   - 1 onion, chopped

   - 4 carrots, cut into chunks

   - 2 lb potatoes, cut into chunks

   - 4 cups beef broth

   - 2 Tbs worcestershire sauce

Lock lid and seal vent.

Allow natural release for at least 10 minutes.


Add 10 minutes per pound for roast larger than 3 pounds.

To add a gravy, remove meat and vegetables. Use "soup" function to heat broth. When boiling, stir in a slury of 2 tbs corn starch in 1/4 cup water until gravy thickens. Salt to taste.

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