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Macaroni and Cheese (instant pot)

Add to the instant pot:

   - 1 1/2 pounds macaroni

   - 6 cups water

   - 3 Tbs butter

   - 3 tsp chicken soup base

   - 1 1/2 tsp garlic powder

   - 1 tsp salt

   - 1/2 tsp pepper

   - a few shakes hot sauce

Put the lid on the pot and seal the pressure valve.

Cook on high preassure for 5 minutes. When done cooking, allow to sit for 5 minutes and then release pressure. (If it makes a mess releasing liquid along with air, close the valve and wait another minute or two.)

Add in handfuls, stirring between handfuls:

   - 4 cups shredded cheese

Depending on desired consistency, stir in:

   - 1/2 to 1 cup milk

Taste and add mroe salt, if needed.

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